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    "It is our mission for you to feel refreshed and renewed as we assist you on your journey to RejuvenateU."

Alana Stevenson 

Family Nurse Practitioner - BC

and Certified Laser Technician

Leah Thompson

 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner -BC

and Certified Laser Technician

Our Services


Neuromodulators are injections which result in wrinkle-relaxing. We currently offer Botox and Dysport to treat forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines for $13 per unit. Treatments usually last for three months or longer.

Injection cosmetology

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

The Soprano Ice is a super-quick, virtually painless hair removal system that can even be used on tan skin and lighter hair types. There is no down time and you can be treated on sensitive and hard to reach areas.

PRP is an alternative to dermal fillers and is a component of your own blood that includes growth factors and proteins which promote healing that may last up to two years. PRP is injected into the skin to minimize fine lines, improve acne scars and sun exposure, and reduce premature wrinkles resulting in natural and vibrant looking skin.

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